Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Interview with Dolphins' Trujillo

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By Kelly Lewis, Director at Turnkey Search

Each year, Americans celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th to October 15, to recognize and illuminate the contributions and achievement of the Hispanic/LatinX community. In celebration of the history, culture and legacy of the Hispanic/LatinX community, Turnkey has interviewed Sebastian Trujillo, Senior Director of Multicultural Partnerships for the Miami Dolphins on his thoughts around this important cultural observance.

This year the NFL’s Hispanic Heritage Month campaign is “Feel the Orgullo.” In Spanish, “Orgullo” means pride. As a Hispanic/LatinX executive leader of an NFL team, what does this month’s celebration mean to you?

Hispanic Heritage represents a universal opportunity to celebrate communal values, traditions and cultural heritage. The “Orgullo” or pride that we feel is reflected in the food, music and life experiences that unite us all regardless of our nationality or background. Celebrating those differences elevates the conversation, brings attention to important issues and empowers the entire community.

As the country continues to grow more diverse, what advice would you give to young Hispanic/LatinX individuals interested in starting a career in sports?

The strength and value you bring to any industry or organization lies squarely on the duality of cultures that molded and developed the person you are today. Use that as motivation for continued personal growth and career direction. Always keeping in mind that the world of sports has the power to bring people together from all walks of life while helping to bridge conversations across all nationalities and languages.

There have been several discussions about how companies and organizations appropriate a culture when it’s convenient or monetarily driven. How can organizations and their front office authentically celebrate the Hispanic/LatinX culture in the remaining days of Hispanic Heritage Month?

The key to any culture initiative is how it connects, motivates or drives audience engagement. The campaign needs to be authentic and speak to everyone within the community in order to achieve any level of success. Specific to Hispanics, I feel it’s important for an organization to shape the narrative in a way that allows a demographic group to be able to see themselves as part of the conversation and provide social feedback via their very own shared experiences. Ultimately, that level of interaction will help organizations not only be a part of the celebratory month but also help establish a long-standing relationship with a consumer group that will represent monetary growth for years to come.


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