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2018 Season


EPISODE 1: Matt Hill

To start, coming from college looking to be a journalist, Matt started to get into editing when he realized that the industry was not really for him. He moved into public relations at the NFL and was on the PR path from there. After five years in PR, decided to go back to business school and focus more on the business side of the industry.

Matt had an opportunity go to work for the MLS in a sales role which was something he had never done in the past. He spent three years learning from some great leaders at the MLS and honing his skills on the sales side. He eventually went back to the NFL to continue in sponsorship sales for three years. The opportunity to then move over to GMR allowed him to apply all that he had learned from the selling side and get into the agency side, teaming up with the clients to focus on sponsorship strategy by using the company’s data driven and brand-centric approach.

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EPISODE 2: Nina King

Listen as Nina King, singles out her mom as the most inspirational presence in her life. As a single mother who emigrated from Palestine at the age of 22, she taught Nina everything about being a strong, independent woman.

Nina also credits Kevin and Jane White, both professionally and personally, for her growth and success. The opportunity to learn the business from Kevin White has been an exceptional opportunity. Nina’s foremost advice to anyone pursuing a career in sports is to be authentic and operate within your own skin. Interaction within this business is primarily fueled by good relations between teams, coaches, players, and staff. Finally, Nina cites the four characteristics of leadership that she strives to display on a daily basis: to be passionate, empathetic, flexible, and task-oriented. She strives to remain open to learning constantly and is keenly aware that keeping her eyes open in the world of college athletics is fundamental to staying relevant and continuing to succeed.

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EPISODE 3: Kary Brock


Listen as Kary Brock, talks about the move she made to IMG college and how the marketing team she worked with there was pivotal to her success. Having had the chance to be part of bringing a new offering into the sports marketing landscape led to her playing an active role in marketing for IMG.

Throughout her time there her team was constantly evolving, changing, growing, and offering challenges that pushed her thinking and helped her growth. The eventual merger brought even more tools to her disposal and expanded her creativity within the marketing platform. She was given the freedom and agility to perform and excel in a role that she is passionate about. The biggest lesson she has learned is that truly nothing stays the same. If you don’t learn to evolve you can miss out on the most incredible opportunities. Kary learned that with her experience she was able to take advantage of that evolution and become a much stronger leader at Endeavor.

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