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313 Presents | President | Detroit, MI


Ilitch Holdings, Inc. (IHI) provides professional services to the companies founded by Mike & Marian Ilitch (Ilitch companies). We are a family-owned company and the umbrella holding company of the Ilitch family of companies.  Headquartered in Detroit Michigan, IHI encompasses leading brands in the food, sports and entertainment industries, including:

Sports & Entertainment Group

  • Detroit Tigers

  • Detroit Red Wings

  • Olympia Entertainment

  • Olympia Development/Parking

  • 313 Presents (Entertainment Joint Venture w/Detroit Pistons)

  • Venue operations include: Comerica Park, Little Caesars Arena, Fox Theatre, DTE Energy Music Theatre, Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

Other Ilitch companies

  • Little Caesars Pizza

  • Blue Line Foodservice Distribution

  • Champion Foods

  • Little Caesars Pizza Kits Fundraising Program

  • Olympia Development/The District Detroit

313 Presents is a joint venture (“313”) launched in 2017 between Ilitch Holdings, Inc. (the owners and operators of the Detroit Tigers & Detroit Red Wings and other properties), and Palace Sports & Entertainment (owners & operators of the Detroit Pistons and other properties).  313 is up and running and wildly successful, and yet, is still considered to be in its formative stages. 

As is exists today, 313 is a premier live entertainment company with 400+ live music and theatrical events annually.  The incredible assets include, but are not limited to world class venues like Little Caesars Arena, Detroit’s Fox Theatre, Comerica Park, DTE Energy Music Theatre, Meadow Brook Amphitheatre, Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill, City Theatre, etc.  313 delivers unforgettable fan experiences and memories via best in class booking, production, accounting, marketing and public relations services for artists, booking agents and touring attractions. 

Looking ahead, 313 is setup for success and growth in new geographic markets, in new product markets and even new businesses that complement and leverage the core business.  Live entertainment is in a fast-changing ecosystem, given the way new technologies are enabling fans to engage and consume content on all levels and on all platforms.  313’s Board is open-minded and investment-minded as it seeks to scale up a live entertainment company for today’s arts, managers, tour operators and especially today’s consumers.  313’s Board seeks highly qualified & interested senior executives who will enact a strong growth thesis, vision and action plan.  The Board seeks an aggressive, growth-oriented, transformational executive leader to lead 313 as its President.

Position Summary

The President shall report directly to the 313 Board of Directors which is comprised of executives from Ilitch Holdings, Inc. and Palace Sports & Entertainment (and their affiliated entities).  The President is responsible for providing management, direction, leadership and a growth orientation to the existing live event business, which specifically includes venue/event booking (and related business opportunities); strategic planning & implementation; companywide budgeting, forecasting, reporting and overall administration.  On top of these core, day-to-day duties, the President must be a visionary, transformational leader able to devote significant time, bandwidth & ingenuity to re-imagining the company and creating a much steeper trajectory.  The President is responsible for optimizing 313 for fans, artists, tour promoters and ownership.

Position Scope

Strategy, Vision & Development: Working closely with the Board and management team, drive the ongoing formulation of the vision and strategic direction for the organization with support and input of the senior management team.

  • Understand and anticipate market trends to set an aggressive and realistic 3-5-year vision.

  • Build accompanying business plans, budgets, forecasts, etc. (short & long term) to achieve existing and future vision of the company that may or may not be confined to the current business operation.

  • Assess new business opportunities, including potential acquisitions and strategic partnerships, and evaluate which will best meet short-term and long-term objectives.

  • Aggressively seek, assess/evaluate, pressure-test and help determine new business opportunities and pathways in the form of potential partnerships/alliances, acquisitions, new markets, new products and/or new businesses for the purpose of re-setting the growth trajectory of 313..

Sustainable Growth: Working closely with the Board and management team, plan and drive growth-related activities to ensure short-term and long-term revenue and EBITDA growth targets are achieved.

  • Ensure a world-class live entertainment organization to deliver the highest level of performance.   This position oversees event booking, marketing and finance departments, with a rigorous daily emphasis on top-line revenue growth and bottom-line financial performance.

  • Evaluate existing competencies using key organizational performance measurements and identify and develop the capabilities required to become a leader in the marketplace. 

  • Drive a cohesive and effective sales strategy geared for the marketplace, ensuring sales and marketing plans are aligned with the long-term strategy and bottom-line financial performance.

  • Introduce cutting-edge data analytics and market segmentation to infuse a more efficient target marketing/direct marketing and modeling approach, including new methodologies and technologies.

  • Design and implement efficient operating and transition models, business structure and inter/intra-company reporting systems and dashboards to measure and report the performance of the business, as well as to identify trends, future needs and any obstacles to achieving goals.

Content/Programming: Working closely with the Board and management team, collaborate with current and future content/programming partners to ensure that all 313 Presents venues continue to be among the top-grossing and profiting venues in North America.

  • Nurture and build personal relationships throughout the music/concert and touring industry to maximize the booking of live sports and entertainment across all venues.

  • Collaborate with the management team to develop and implement creative, innovative, aggressive new ideas for the creation of additional content and programming for all venues.

  • Balance the risk/return ratio of the third-party businesses to ensure all entities are constantly receiving a proper and attractive return on invested capital.

  • Ensure event P&Ls and all related activities are executed including, but not limited to, calendar management and event scheduling, contract negotiation, pro-forma creation, marketing, box office, tour production and rider fulfillment, front and back of house management, corporate partnership and premium sales activations, event accounting, show settlements and overall financial reporting.

Talent & Culture Management: Working closely with the Board and the management team, recruit, develop, lead and retain a highly engaged workforce.

  • Manage, motivate and lead a world-class management team and instill a sense of pride, passion, dedication, loyalty and cohesiveness within team members ensuring an intensive, close, collegial and gratifying working environment.

  • Lead and model a working environment where productivity can be sustained and where innovation and personal growth is encouraged and realized.

  • Promote a diverse and highly inclusive work place for management staff, partners, vendors and customers.

  • Reinforce and teach the rest of the organization what the "rules of the game" are within the organization by how you act, how you lead, and how you show up every day

  • Create a place where the best and brightest want to come and stay.

Communications, Marketing & Sales: Lead an organization built for the Michigan, regional and national marketplace of today and tomorrow; meeting the needs of fans and future fans in ways tailored to their preferences.  

  • Instill a target marketing core competence using leading edge talent, technology and analytical methods.

  • Drive sales of tickets using industry leading direct marketing methods that leverage best practices from inside and outside the sports and entertainment industry.

  • Lead a companywide initiative to better leverage social media and cutting-edge technologies to touch and convert new fans and customers.

  • Keep a watchful eye, constantly monitoring the brand to ensure that the brand promise and implementation remains current, relevant and vital to the Michigan community.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required; MBA, JD or other advanced degree preferred.

  • Minimum of 20+ years of progressive experience preferably in the entertainment industry.

  • Highest level of integrity, honesty dealing with all parties in an open and unbiased manner.

  • Team player, team-first, servant-leader approach.  Low ego; approachable; able to achieve immediate credibility with all stakeholders and potential stakeholders by possessing appropriate composure, confidence, knowledge, clarity, and professionalism.

  • Exceptionally strong leadership skills and business acumen.  Hard charging, high energy leader with a strong work ethic and a desire to enhance the culture of the organization

  • Aligns words with actions; follows through on commitments; takes ownership, responsibility and accountability for actions and behavior.

  • Strong intellectual bandwidth/capacity: strategic, critical & analytical thinker & doer; possesses a fact-based, data-driven approach to the analysis of business problems, solutions and opportunities.  Sees everyday challenges as mini-investment decisions, employing cost versus return on investment approach.

  • Prior experience successfully leveraging forward-looking risk mitigation strategies and tactics.

  • Ability to manage multiple initiatives simultaneously with superior attention to detail.

  • Proficiency in negotiating; ability to determine appropriate strategy while identifying and leveraging assets and relationships; highly persuasive in situations where strong opposition and counter-offers exists; focus on achieving objective results and closing deals.

  • Strong business acumen; understands financial, legal and customer implications of all decisions; intently focused on profitability; strong knowledge of marketplace and competition; spots opportunities; exploits opportunities; constantly looks for ways to grow and improve business; open-minded; etc.

  • Able to clearly define & attack complex issues; identifies and discusses potential solutions with key stakeholders; shapes opinions and works to build common sense consensus as appropriate.

  • Track record of hands-on day-to-day management of all functional/business areas.

  • Exceptional communication and facilitation skills with ability to present business and/or financial information in both verbal and written formats to a Board of Directors. Willing to collaborate with the Board and even over-communicate with Board members on new opportunities & initiatives.

  • Highly developed collaboration, persuasion, relationship building and interpersonal skills that results in the trust from peers, public and private stakeholders and company ownership/leadership. 

  • No employment or contractual restrictions due to existing confidentiality and/or non-competition agreement and ability and willingness to sign a confidentiality and non-competition agreement.