The Emergence of Data Technology in Sports

Full disclosure, I’m not an expert in analytics, data or statistics. For example, I initially thought sabermetrics was an MLB / Star Wars cross promotion. I’ve since come to enjoy many of the in-depth statistics that allow fans to ‘peel back the onion’ of a sport, its players and their performances.

I’m curious to see analytics’ impact on the business of sports, specifically with regards to hiring. While we can’t make evaluations based on 40 time, E.R.A., points or goals; we can employ standards and metrics when interviewing/evaluating candidates and tracking the career growth of current employees. For example, Turnkey Search utilizes an applicant tracking system to efficiently sift through our database, track information related to candidates / employees and provide more meaningful reports for us and our clients. Knowing where our candidates come from, how we find them and identifying their key touchpoints are essential to improving our search practice.

Data and analytics are a powerful tool in almost every aspect of sports, on and off the field. What’s exciting is that we’ve just scratched the surface. With each advancement in data and analytics, we as an industry should strive to be early adopters and challenge the status quo.


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