Career-Defining Moments Hinge on Tough Choices

As we’ve continued our podcast series spotlighting SportsBusiness Journal Forty Under 40 ‘alums’, we have encountered a number of great stories about decisions that have defined the course of honorees’ careers.

Many of the stories have illustrated a particularly interesting theme: that the greatest pivot point in a career often requires great risk. Career-changing moments often involve a complete switch in either specialization or industry. Another interesting commonality is that many require an (apparent) step backwards in title or responsibility.

While it’s nearly impossible to know if a single career decision will one day be defined as game-changing (in a good way), we can learn from the Forty Under 40 honorees’ reflections on their key moments as we consider our own careers. Many of the executives we’ve spoken with have described difficult family decisions regarding relocation, promotions that took them down a path away from their true passion points, and acceptance of a position with decreased responsibility to be part of a certain organization or opportunity (a new facility, a multi-property organization, a new league, etc.).

As you consider whether to pursue or accept a new opportunity, remember to reflect on some of these stories. Weighing the risks against the potential benefits of a title downgrade or family relocation is definitely not an exact science, but hearing how others have navigated similar decisions may help you make the right choice for your own career.



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