Soccer United Marketing Testimonial

“Turnkey works diligently, honestly and openly.”

Kathy Carter
Soccer United Marketing

NBA Testimonial

“They work very quickly and understand our business.”

Mark Tatum
Deputy Commissioner & COO

Detroit Pistons Testimonial

“Turnkey Search is the most knowledgeable and connected search firm.”

Dennis Mannion
President & CEO
Palace Sports & Entertainment

Kansas City Chiefs Testimonial

“Turnkey Search has been a valuable resource for our organization. With their help, we’ve found a number of talented individuals […]

Monumental Sports & Entertainment Testimonial

“Turnkey Search is a trusted partner on every level.”

Ted Leonsis
Founder, Majority Owner, Chairman & CEO
Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Bank of America Testimonial

“Turnkey Search is unbelievably networked across the sports industry.”

Jim Nash
Managing Director
Bank of America

Milwaukee Brewers Testimonial

“Turnkey is a trusted partner.”

Rick Schlesinger
Milwaukee Brewers

New York Jets Testimonial

“Turnkey provides great candidates and better insights.”

Woody Johnson
New York Jets

Chicago Cubs Testimonial

“Turnkey moved quickly and effectively – they know the business.”

Crane Kenney
Chicago Cubs

Miami Dolphins Testimonial

“They absolutely know all the players in sports.”

Steve Ross
Miami Dolphins