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Professional Strengths & Skills

The key to being successful in your job search is knowing your strengths. It is a rare person who can articulate his or her primary skill sets. In the case of identifying your strengths, less is more and specific is even better.

Interviewing Do’s and Don’t’s

Interviewing for a job is just like dating. Whether you are the employer or job seeker, you are looking for a match that can serve you for a period of time in your life. Depending on where you are in your career, you may be looking for an opportunity to hold you over until you find your dream partner, or you may be looking for “the one

Making the Best First Impression: The Resume

Turnkey Search reviews thousands of resumes a year and we have found that it is deceivingly easy to make a small mistake in a resume, but extremely hard to change that first impression you have made on the person.