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Emerging Opportunities in Sports & Entertainment: Content Creation


Thinking about how much technology has changed in the last twenty five years, the last ten years, and even the last five years, it goes without saying that the way we interact with each other, the conversations we have, and the range of people that we can have them with has been completely revolutionized. No one who walked the earth 100 years ago would have believed that 140 characters of pithy thoughts shared on the web would mean anything, let alone be worth billions of dollars. Thanks to mobile, social, and digital, however, today’s consumers are eating up content 24/7. Read more...

Should Organizations Adapt to Millennials?


Commentary about Millennials in the workplace is nearly inescapable both in the news and in Human Resources departments across the country as organizations look to attract, retain and grow a new generation of professionals. In the sports and entertainment industry, we are not immune to this growing concern, and find both ourselves and our clients seeking to develop unconventional ways to engage with Millennials, and develop environments and cultures that attract and maximize the success of this unique generation. Read more...

The Evolution of Comcast-Spectacor


On April 27th, an announcement was made that will have a resounding impact both locally (here in Philadelphia) and across the entire sports and entertainment industry: Comcast-Spectacor announced it will rebrand its three subsidiary businesses, Global Spectrum, Ovations Food Services and Paciolan to Spectra Venue Management, Spectra Food Services and Spectra Ticketing and Fan Engagement, respectively. Read more...

Win That Interview!


After 25 years of hiring and managing professional staffs, I have seen everything during an interview, from wannabe comedians to buttons popping off a woman’s suit to a young man throwing up. You name it, I’ve experienced it! Based on that experience, I can attest that the classic cliché of “you only get one chance at a first impression” proves most important when interviewing for a job. Read more...

Life After College: How to Position Yourself for Your Dream Career


After spending a pretty penny on a college education and obtaining your degree, the next step is finding a job in your chosen profession. The problem is, though, that there are thousands upon thousands of students in the exact same position, looking for the same jobs you are.

How Much Does Compensation Matter?


When speaking with both active and passive job seekers, compensation always comes up. We often hear comments like, "Am I being compensated fairly?" or "I won't leave this job unless it pays $X!", etc. Compensation is, of course, important; however, you shouldn't base your opinion about whether or not a particular opportunity is right for you solely on compensation. Read more...