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Change. The word alone can elicit a range of emotions from two otherwise similar people. One might fill with crippling […]

Ask and Thank


By Guest Blogger Haynes Hendrickson, President, Turnkey Intelligence

I believe the volume of email messages, texts, instant messages, direct messages, Tweets, […]

The Evolving Definition of “Showing Up to Work”


Growing up, like most people, my vision of “work” was built around what I saw when I went to the office with my father: brick and mortar buildings, a maze of hallways leading to closed door offices with terrible fluorescent lighting. When I embarked on my own career, I found the closed offices traded for cubicles but, for the most part, work was still a “physical” place. Now, when I think of the careers my daughters might have, I wonder what “showing up to work” will mean to them. Read more...

Emerging Opportunities in Sports & Entertainment: Content Creation


Thinking about how much technology has changed in the last twenty five years, the last ten years, and even the last five years, it goes without saying that the way we interact with each other, the conversations we have, and the range of people that we can have them with has been completely revolutionized. No one who walked the earth 100 years ago would have believed that 140 characters of pithy thoughts shared on the web would mean anything, let alone be worth billions of dollars. Thanks to mobile, social, and digital, however, today’s consumers are eating up content 24/7. Read more...

Should Organizations Adapt to Millennials?


Commentary about Millennials in the workplace is nearly inescapable both in the news and in Human Resources departments across the country as organizations look to attract, retain and grow a new generation of professionals. In the sports and entertainment industry, we are not immune to this growing concern, and find both ourselves and our clients seeking to develop unconventional ways to engage with Millennials, and develop environments and cultures that attract and maximize the success of this unique generation. Read more...