Forty Under 40 Podcast: Sean Eggert

This edition of the Forty Under 40 Spotlight Podcast, featuring interviews with winners of SportsBusiness Journal’s prestigious Forty Under 40 Award, is brought to you by Turnkey Search.

Listen as Sean Eggert, credits pursuing a passion early in life as the reason for his success today.

The values of pushing hard and teamwork have carried through from his college days to the present. Having finished college in just 3 ½ years, Sean parlayed hard work into a job working for the Detroit Pistons, where he learned the ropes from passionate leaders who set him up for what he is achieving today.

The biggest lesson he’s learned is to not to be afraid to ask the dumb question. Sometimes that can be perceived as active listening. Letting down your guard and asking the question that is on your mind can actually open up a lot of doors to success.

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