Forty Under 40 Podcast: Angela Ruggiero

This edition of the Forty Under 40 Spotlight Podcast, featuring interviews with winners of SportsBusiness Journal’s prestigious Forty Under 40 Award, is brought to you by Turnkey Search.

Listen as Angela Ruggiero, talks to us about how she approaches her business career as she did her sports career.

She mentions how setting goals, learning from mistakes, determination, and surpassing roadblocks that she applied to her sports career and that she now also applies to business. She successfully takes the mindset of an athlete and approaches everything else with that same mindset. Although someone coming from an athletic career might not always have the skill set or experience they need, what they do have is a whole set of intangibles that can help them on their path to success.

In business she emphasizes the need to intrinsically understand the business problem that you are trying to solve. Being cognizant of where you are working, who you are working for, and what you are trying to solve is the key to how you spend your day and how you better serve your clients.

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