Forty Under 40 Podcast: Jordan Solomon

This edition of the Forty Under 40 Spotlight Podcast, featuring interviews with winners of SportsBusiness Journal’s prestigious Forty Under 40 Award, is brought to you by Turnkey Search.

Listen as Jordan Solomon, when asked about the game-changing moment in his career trajectory would have to say it was selling Coca-Cola at Fenway Park. But his true career game changer came when he left his role as a McKinsey management consultant to join TMBO at the NBA.

He had a desire to get in the mix within the sports world, and felt that through this consulting role he could enter into the arena and become part of something growing. TMBO was an in-house consulting panel for the NBA set up to help teams share business practices and improve relationships. This role was the springboard to the rest of his career. The number one lesson he has learned has been to treasure and nurture relationships.

In a world where technology is more capable than it has ever been, sports is still very much a people business. We live in a time where you have to work to build and sustain those personal relationships. This is something Jordan learned early and it has stayed with him through every facet of his career.

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