Finding the Perfect Candidate

By Bryan Lick

As in any business, timing is everything when it comes to finding the perfect candidate. I’ve lost count of how many exceptional candidates I’ve missed out on due to weddings, the birth of a child, a recent promotion, etc. These real life circumstances happen (and often, and it sure seems, during the hiring process!).

That said, an employer can still lessen the effects of bad timing by building a successful pipeline of potential candidates so backups are available if Candidate A leaves you at the altar. By doing this, you drastically increase your chances of landing a highly-qualified candidate – true, you might not get your number one option, but you’ll still have other talented candidates to fall back on.

There are a number of things that an employer should do to develop said pipeline. At Turnkey Search, it all begins with research. Our recruiters and interns spend a considerable amount of time digging through articles, directories, awards and anything pertinent to a position that we are recruiting for. Use every resource at your disposal. Use your network. Our best candidates often come by way of referrals, diligent research and hard work. Which brings me to my next point…

Don’t depend on inbound applications to make your hiring decision. While it is certainly nice to have candidates that you know are actively looking and interested in your job, you’re doing yourself an injustice if you don’t know what talent is potentially on the market. Using a pool made up solely of inbound applicants is basically the equivalent of going to the draft without having attended the combine. Inbound applications should supplement the recruiting process, but it should never be your only source for leads.

Being proactive is another essential component of finding good talent. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and actively sell your organization as a great place to work. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations don’t have the bandwidth to properly execute a job search in addition to completing their day-to-day responsibilities… hence the benefit of a recruiting agency like Turnkey Search. This is what we do: we’re well-connected in the industry, we know where to look for talent, and we’ve put in countless hours of work building a comprehensive network of candidates with various qualified backgrounds.

What’s your most useful recruiting tip? Let us know!



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