Just How Important Is Your Online Reputation?

By Carolyne Savini

Now that we are fully ingrained in the digital age and most people live and breathe the internet, it is hard to keep your name out of cyberspace. If you are even marginally active online, a consequence of this is that whatever you say and do digitally can be tracked… and potentially held against you.

Many young people starting their careers would benefit by cleansing their high school, college and post-college social media history. In this day and age, no one – especially someone working to break in to the job market – can afford to be naïve about who is watching and reading their tweets, facebook posts, etc.

This article details the lengths some companies are going to understand job applicants’ digital personas. The bottom line: take heed and be cautious, because your digital footprint is being examined… and ultimately may cost you your dream job if you don’t take the proper steps.




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