The Efficient Job Seeker

By Morgan Lewis

The optimal time to start looking for a job is while you still have one.  If you’re starting to get the “new job itch,” or sense that your organization may be on rocky ground, the best thing to do is to start your job search while maintaining your position with your current employer.  For many, this can be tough, as seeking out a new opportunity takes as much (if not more) dedication and discipline as the “typical” Monday-Friday, 9-5 job.

There is hope for you, dear job seeker!  Before you start your search, get organized.  Strategize a plan of attack to get your name in the mix for the right jobs, with the right companies.  Be efficient, and don’t waste time applying for positions that aren’t the right fit for you.

Hiring managers can be picky, but as a job seeker, you should be just as picky about the positions you choose to go after.  Read the entire position description before submitting your resume and ask yourself these questions:  Do I want this job?  Is this a company I want to work for?  Do I meet the minimum requirements of the position?  Before your rapid fire response of “Yes!” or “No!” to these questions, do some research on the company and its reputation. Understanding their objectives and core philosophy will make it easier for you to realistically assess whether or not you may be a fit for the position you’re considering.

Once you’ve determined that you’re the perfect fit for the job, customize your resume so that your qualifications and experience match the type of candidate your target company is looking for.  Employers will be seeking candidates who check all of the boxes regarding the specifics detailed in the position description, so the more you can (truthfully) customize your experiences and skills to match what the company appears to be looking for, the better.

Consider this advice the next time you are preparing to take on a new job search.  In the long run, you will save yourself countless hours spent applying and interviewing for positions that you later decide aren’t as perfect for you as you thought.



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