Professional Strengths & Skills

The key to being successful in your job search is knowing your strengths. It is a rare person who can articulate his or her primary skill sets. In the case of identifying your strengths, less is more and specific is even better. When interviewing, one must be able to discuss his or her skill sets and give concrete business examples to demonstrate your career achievements which highlight those skills.

In order to hone in on your strengths, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What areas of the business do you support? E.g., ticket sales, sponsor sales, consumer marketing, PR, brand marketing, business analytics, etc.
  2. Think of your top three career achievements. What traits do you possess that enabled you to be successful in those achievements?

Once you hone in on your strengths, craft a short three sentence or less sound bite to describe who you are as a professional. Consider this your elevator pitch to recruiters and hiring managers. Hiring managers and recruiters tend to get frustrated when candidates speak in generalities, which is important to avoid in your pitch. Here are a few of the top clichés we hear on a daily basis:

  1. “I am a people person”
  2. “I am passionate about sports”
  3. “I have leadership skills”
  4. “I am detail oriented”
  5. “I am a team player”

The purpose of your elevator pitch is to be concise about your strengths and what you offer an employer. If you use any one of those clichés, employers will quickly write you off as a candidate.



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